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Episode 22 – Kelly “SuperKell” Williams – Superhero Seamstress

Episode 21 – Dallas Golden – Photographer, Videographer, and 3D Animator

Episode 20 – Nathan Alspaugh – Dealing with ADHD, Autism, and Making Success Happen

Episode 19 – Leta Greene, Wife, Mother, Speaker, Author and “Other Stuff”

Episode 18 – Carrie Anderson Discovers Drawing

Episode 17 – Jodi Orgill Brown The Sun Still Shines – Writer Presenter and Example of Graceful Endurance

Episode 16 – Sarah Barrett – Empowering Mothers with Mentors International

Episode 15 – Matt Dibble Law Enforcement Officer

Episode 14 – Dave Answers a Listeners Questions

Episode 13 – Robison Wells – Best Selling Author and YouTuber

Check out his YouTube channel!

Read his Blog!

Episode 12 – Matt Page – Art Director and Inestimable Illustrator/Graphic Designer

This is just a small sampling of Matt’s great work, some of which is mentioned in the episode.

Give him a follow on Instagram @ mattunderscorepage

Episode 11 – Dave Reflects on the First 10 Episodes!

Episode 10 – Rob Ferre




Episode 09 – Daniel McConkie and International Entrepreneurship with H. M. Cole


Episode 08 – Eric Bergstrom and Spider Closet Land


Instagram @spiderclosetland

YouTube – Spider Closet Land

Episode 07 – Chris LeCluyse Professional Musician and English Professor

Dangerous Games by Joseph Laycock 

The Messe de Nostre Dame by Guillaume de Machaut

Utopia’s website: www.utopiaearlymusic.org.

Here’s Utopia’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2r9AbyVxACJjKKvd6YL83w.

Episode 06 – Amber McCord Dance Instructor Extraordinaire

Episode 05 – BioBalance Meals with Celia Hatch

Episode 04 – Kristen Newman, Singer, and Actress

Episode 03 – Liv Burgess Health Coach

Liv Burgess interview

Episode 02 – Ann Bergstrom Art

Instagram @frithiofwife

“Social Anxiety”
“Everyone Deserves Love”

Episode 01 – Dave Stone