How Do I Help My Child Focus on Schoolwork in Quarantine?

I have a routine. I like breakfast by myself. I like to think about things as the morning slowly unfolds. I enjoy the drive to work, a part of the community waking up with increasing energy.

Well, I still have my morning routine up to the point of leaving my house.

Do your kids have a routine?

Do you?

Routine is a big deal for productivity. If you know that you have a dedicated space to work in, you will find doing that work easier. Kids are the same way but they don’t have the discipline to stick to it.

It has been my experience that kids want to learn how to do difficult things. They can be nervous about the unknown. They can be nervous about doing things correctly. They can be worried about how long it will take. Regardless of all of those potential delays, kids can do what they need to with a little help.

Create a quiet space where everyone can work. It can be at the dinner table, at the coffee table, or sitting on the couch. If you have something to read or work on, you are demonstrating the process simply by sitting there next to your child. You can’t be on your phone or your student will think it is okay to be on his or her phone. If you’re reading a book, that demonstrates that it is possible to sit down and focus. If you have something to write, it demonstrates to your student that they can sit down to write.

How long should you sit and work? As long as you can or need to. One thing I know for sure, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

There is another side to being productive and working. It is just as important to take breaks and have fun. Take turns playing fun music. Spend some time singing and dancing. Have Alexa tell you some jokes.

Hard things take practice. If you get out of practice, you can get back into it.

What an adventurous time we live in. We get a second chance at building relationships with our kids. We get a short amount of time to help them develop lifelong skills and processes.

Our students will get to go back to school sometime in the future, more ready for school than they ever have been.

Hang in there! Life is good because it’s what we make of it.


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