It’s a New Year! Welcome to 2020!

Why do we have to study the English Language you ask?

One of the questions that I get from students is, “Why do we have to take English when we already speak English?” The best reason I can come up with is that it’s less about the language itself, and more about learning how to communicate.


Communication includes sending signals and receiving signals. That’s basically it. How good are you at communicating? Miscommunication happens all the time. Especially if you communicate through text or email messages. Do you mean what you wrote to come across happy or angry? Does the recipient know that?

Body language is an important part of communication when we are in the same room with someone. It’s easier to understand meaning with words, volume, tone, and body language. It is a lot less likely that the message someone is sending is going to be misunderstood. And even if it’s misunderstood, there is the opportunity for instant clarification. The receiver can ask questions to make sense of the message.

Students haven’t always been taught how to communicate in school, with teachers and administrators. The only adults that they regularly interact with live in the same home as they do. They are familiar and not threatening. Teachers and administrators shouldn’t be intimidating, but young students don’t know or understand this very well.

My objective this year, is to explore how students and teachers communicate with each other. Hopefully the stories and scenarios provided will help you to figure out a more successful path for your student, or maybe even yourself.

I would love feedback or questions. If there is a specific situation that you need help with, let me know.

I’m on Instagram @lit_teacher_dave, or on Facebook here.nametag.png

Shoot me some questions or comments there.

Good luck this year! You got this!

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