How Long Does It Take To…Dream?

I’ve been working to build a studio/office for the WRC. The building is already there, but I’ve been finishing one area. I’ve framed a wall, insulated it, sheet-rocked it, and there’s still so much to do before I can start producing video tutorials for this website. The short answer is, things always take longer than you expect. Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, it takes more time than we think. Our brains aren’t very good at estimating the time it takes to accomplish something long term, particularly if it’s something you’ve never done or hardly ever do. I’ve framed a few walls, but I’ve never planned, purchased materials, and finished everything on my own. It’s taking forever! But, I love it! Knowing what will come from this work makes it all worth it.

Learning In Chunks

Learning how to write better, or teaching your child to read takes time and practice. If you’re using a lesson book, you might have to break lessons or chapters into chunks as to not overwhelm your child. Progress happens in little pieces over time. Big chunks of accomplishment are rare. We need repetition to remember things. We need to see things in context to see what they really mean and how they relate to other things. We need to compare our previous experience with the new things we’re learning. It simply takes time.

Character Flaw?

It can be very frustrating and disappointing if you or your child don’t feel success. It seems inevitable that we start comparing ourselves to other people. Particularly in school or at work we see other people who can do something that we struggle with. Your lack of ability is not a character flaw. Your child’s struggles are not character flaws. Our value is not determined on what we can or cannot do.

Learning To Walk

If you or your child doesn’t know how do something, it can be learned. Not always easily, and maybe not always exactly, but eventually. Think about when a child learns to walk. Do we expect them to give up? Do we see them falling and say, “Well, I guess this one isn’t a walker.”? No, obviously if they’re trying to learn how to walk, they will eventually get there with our support and encouragement. Isn’t it so wonderful to see a child struggle, persist, and eventually walk?

The Future

The future is all about possibility. What will you accomplish? What is your potential? What is your child’s potential? We all hope to have some kind of impact on the future. If we think our worth is pinned to what we are capable of doing, we give up. We quit aiming for our dreams. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t let time slide by while you think you’re not capable. Don’t let time disappear while you decompress and watch a movie. Growth takes stretching. Development takes work and often, sacrifice. What can you give up for your future? What can you do to achieve your potential? What are you willing to do today, simply because it helps you grow?

You can do it. Whatever it is, make time for it. Practice, build, paint, do it a little bit every day.

You can do it. You have potential! Do it!

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