Sometimes It Just Takes Persistence

Things seem to become difficult towards the end of the year. There are so many things going on with holidays, weather changes and the amount of daylight available that we lose track of the progress we are making in our goals.

Bed looks more inviting at the end of the day. Practicing reading or writing starts to feel like more work than it’s worth. In the United States, school terms are starting to wind down and students are losing steam with their homework and class projects.

So how do we stay the course? How do we find the energy that we need to keep going?

It’s important to keep the priorities at the top of our things-to-do list. If reading for 15 minutes rejuvenates you, put that at the part of the day where you need a boost. If meditating sets your energy level, get that in at the beginning of the day. If you’re writing a novel or journaling your life, make time for that before you sleep. Make time to keep doing those important things.

Maybe the amount of time-wasting focus we give to Netflix should be sacrificed during this busier time of year. Maybe to feel more productive we need to be more productive.

Make a plan before you go to bed tonight. What are you going to accomplish tomorrow? What are you going to read tomorrow? How much time are you going to give to yourself to read? How much are you going to expect yourself to write before you call it a day?

Make it happen!
Every day is a fresh start!

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