How to Choose a Book

I don’t want to make any assumptions. You might enjoy reading, but you’re trying to help a child find a book that he or she will really want to read. Maybe you’re here to figure out how to find something you’re interested in. Either way, let’s find you a book!

First though, you have to know a few things.
-What are you or your little reader interested in? Subject matters! There are books on every topic.
-Can you name a book that you enjoyed? What was it about? Why did you like it? If you know the answers to those questions, it will be easier to find something similar.
-Is there something you would like to learn about? There’s bound to be a book about it.


# 1 – The Library

Online, or in person, the library is a great resource for finding what’s new and popular.

My local county library website has lists for new adult fiction, new adult biography, and books that are popular within this library system.

The whole library catalog is searchable by category and genre. If you’re at the library, ask a librarian. They love books, and can give you an idea of what will be interesting. I have also seen bookmarks for each genre with new titles available for checkout.

One way to use the library online is through OverDrive. More on that resource later.

# 2 –

Goodreads is my favorite way to curate book lists. This isn’t about making lists, it’s about finding books to read. Goodreads is a great place to find reviews of books. It also hosts lists of books that might fit the category you are interested in, however specific or general you want.

The people who review books on Goodreads are generally good about protecting spoilers in case you’re worried about that. They also give biased information about books, so read a few before you decide whether or not to pick up a book.

Goodreads is also a social media platform. You can find friends from work or school and see what they are reading. If you have similar interests, it’s easy to add a book that they are reading to your list.

# 3 – OverDrive

OverDrive is an app for your phone, tablet, or computer. It is a hub for all of the libraries you have access to. You can log in to your city, county, and school libraries so long as you have a library card for each. You can search and filter through genre and book format.

OverDrive is great because you can check out books and magazines just like at the physical library, and turn them in when you’re done. It provides access to eBooks and Audiobooks. If a title isn’t available, you can put it on hold. You can see how many people have it on hold in front of you, and get an email when it’s ready to be checked out.


There are many other ways to find books to read. Even doing a web search for book lists will provide you with plenty to read through. Once you have a book or two that you can say you enjoyed, you will be able to find something similar. You just need to ask.

Are there other places you frequent to find something to read? Let me know in the comments!

Read on, be brave!



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